Choosing a New Holiday Tradition

Two young girls drinking milk in their holiday pajamas

Are you getting bored of all your regular old holiday traditions like leaving out cookies and milk for Santa and watching a holiday movie before bed? At Westminster Towers, we’re inviting you to create a new tradition! Even if every single one of these ideas doesn’t stick, test out a few in your Tacoma, WA apartment this holiday season! You might just find something you’ll want to do every year.

Host a Holiday Cookie Competition

Are you looking for something to pass the time during the evening hours of the holiday season? Why not throw a cookie competition? Whether you choose gingerbread or sugar cookie dough, make sure to have plenty of cookie cutters available in all sorts of holiday shapes and sizes, along with loads of different cookie toppings to decorate them with after they are done baking.

Order Take Out

Since the preparations for the holidays can be exhausting, chances are you aren’t in the mood to prepare a huge meal. This year, why don’t you order takeout from a local Chinese food restaurant? It could be a fun chance to order all the fun sides that you love but usually skip so you can save a few bucks. This might be one of those bizarre yet memorable choices that you end up wanting to make year after year.

Have a Talent Show

A low-key talent show is a great way to spend time together during the holidays! Invite everyone who wants to prepare a little something, but of course, don’t pressure anyone who would rather just watch. There will be likely a few holiday stories or songs prepared, as well as an array of funny tricks or talents that you might not even know people in your family had up their sleeve all this time. This tradition will keep you laughing and smiling and before you know it, it will be time to get ready for bed and get some sleep in before the big holiday celebrations!

Get New Pajamas

If you haven’t joined the pajama-receiving-on-the-holidays train, this year might be the right time to hop on! For some unknown reason, it’s a tradition for families across the globe to open up a new pair of pajamas before bed this time of year. They may be all holiday-themed and matching, or each pair might have its own flair that matches the uniqueness of everyone in your family. Either way, it’s the perfect way to feel just cozy enough to catch a few winks on the night before one of the most anticipated holidays of the year!


Do you have any fun or unconventional holiday traditions? Share with the rest of our apartment community by leaving a comment!