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Classic Thanksgiving Centerpieces For Your Dinner Table

people gathered around a holiday table

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. We imagine that the dinner menu is well in hand, but are you tired of the same old table decor? Don’t worry! We’ve got some ideas to spark your imagination. We’re sure you will come up with the perfect setting for your Thanksgiving feast at your Tacoma, WA apartment or wherever else you plan to spend the holiday. 

Gratitude Tree  

Branches can be more than just appendages to trees. Use a branch to create a dramatic vertical arrangement for your table. Place the branch in a clear vase or even Mason jar, and fill with rocks or a variety of shelled nuts to hold it in place. Finish by tying a ribbon around the vase. Add paper “leaves” to your branch with notes of gratitude written on them and hang with ribbon or twine. 

Have Fun with Succulents 

Are you looking for a centerpiece that will bring some life to your table? Fill a long, flat gourd or pumpkin with a variety of succulents. Add some moss to the equation and create an exciting centerpiece this year!

Repurpose a Drawer 

Use an old-fashioned drawer to create a conversation piece for your centerpiece. Fill it with pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn for a colorful visual. Be prepared to tell the story about the desk that the drawer came from (or tell about your adventure acquiring an antique drawer). 

Use a Basket 

A wire or straw basket filled with fruit, nuts, and leaves can be used to create a simple, visually appealing centerpiece for your holiday table. The basket can double as a serving dish, too! 

Create Your Own Faux-Leaf Bowl

Use fall leaves (or ones from your local craft store) to make a functional, unique fall-inspired dish using paper-mache and mod podge. 

What is your favorite way to decorate your dinner table for the Thanksgiving holiday? Please share in the comments! As always, thanks for reading Westminster Towers Blog.