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Cleaning Tips to Get Ready for Summer

someone wearing rubber gloves cleaning the kitchen sink with a sponge


Westminster Towers Blog welcomes you to the month of June! This week’s post is all about how to keep your Tacoma, WA apartment clean and tidy this 2019 summer season. Read on for some of our top tips!

Clean Your Deck Furniture

At the beginning of the summer season, it’s a good idea to give your outdoor deck or patio furniture a thorough cleaning. First, you’ll want to take some wet rags and get as much of the loose dirt off as you can. Next, after making a solution of a gallon of water and ½ cup of bleach, scrub them down with a sponge. After you’re satisfied with the result, make sure to wipe down the furniture one last time with a wet rag to get some of the residual bleach off.

Choose a Summer Storage Place

Do you have an accessible place to store all of your summer items like beach towels, pool toys, and outdoor gear? After taking these things out of deeper storage, consider designating a specific closet or shelf to place all these things so that they have a specific spot all season long. That way, they won’t clutter up another area of the house. Do you still have winter clothes or items out? Use your old summer storage boxes and fill them with the winter items!

Tackle Kitchen Odors

Since summer brings higher temperatures and humidity levels, it’s easier for areas like the kitchen to smell bad relatively quickly. This year, stay on top of those smells by tackling them before they’re noticeable! For damp things like sponges and dish rags, consider soaking them for 5 minutes each day in a well-diluted bleach solution. To keep the drain from emitting nasty odors, pour white vinegar down it. While you might think taking the trash out frequently will keep the trash can from smelling, you’ll also want to wash it out weekly with a bleach solution.

Anticipate Grass Stains

Warmer weather brings a whole new set of spots and stains, like grass or mud stains. If you let them sit too long, they can be incredibly difficult to get out! Whenever you get a big stain this summer, be prepared with some prewash spray that you can use to loosen up stains before washing them. After your stained clothing has sit for enough time with the pre wash solution, make sure to use a detergent for tough stains, and the hottest water possible for the specific fabric you are washing.


Thanks for reading our post today! May your apartments stay spick and span all season long.