Decorate for St. Patricks Day

a shamrock craft covered in glitter

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on March 17th. Decorate your Westminster Towers apartment with these DIY projects you can make at your apartment. We hope you enjoy celebrating this Irish-themed holiday here in Tacoma, WA. We hope you have a great month!


Shamrock Wreath from Sprinkle Some Fun

This wreath is a great item to hang on your front door of your apartment. You could also hang it over a window inside your living room. To make this wreath you’ll need the following supplies: a foam wreath form, two bags of lima beans, a bag of split peas, a hot glue gun or craft adhesive, a roll of natural twine, and a piece of paper.


Lucky Penny Letters from Made by Marzipan

These Lucky Penny Letters are a great way to decorate a shelf or wall during the month of March. To make them you’ll need the following supplies: block letters to spell out “LUCKY”, copper-colored paint, a foam brush, pennies (about 300), a hot glue gun, and Mod Podge (optional).


Shamrock Bouquet from Sweet and Lovely Crafts

This bouquet is so simple to make, but a great item to set on your table for some festivity. This is a great craft to do with kids because it’s very simple and just requires cutting and taping. You just need a few items to make it: green patterned paper, a Mason Jar, tape, and skewers.


DIY Framed Moss Shamrock from Stow and Tell U

If you love a rustic or natural look to your home decor items, you’ll love this Framed Moss Shamrock. You’ll need an old frame with glass, a natural moss sheet, clear craft glue, scissors, toothpicks, and a shamrock image.


Shamrock Mason Jars from Mason Jar Crafts

These Mason jars will work great at blending into your regular home decor pieces with just a small touch of the holiday. To make these jars you’ll need the following supplies: pint- and quart-sized Mason Jars, gold metallic spray paint, green acrylic paint, toothpicks, and a medium tip paint brush.