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Games and Activities to Try this Halloween

a woman making Halloween crafts with a child

We hope you have had a great October. Celebrate the month’s spookiest (and most fun) holiday by playing some games in your apartment here at Westminster Towers or elsewhere in Tacoma, WA. Keep reading for our ideas!

Go Trick-or-Treating

A classic Halloween activity, this is a good activity especially for those with kids. You were probably already planning on going if you do have kids who want to go. We’re here to remind you of some tips for having a successful trip: map out your route so you visit the houses or apartments of people you trust who might give out candy (especially cater to those with the best candy, if that’s a priority). Walk on the right side of the road and on sidewalks, and only cross at cross streets. Follow the rules of the road and stay aware of those you’re with so everyone can have fun and stay safe.

Eat Donuts on a String

Another classic, this activity is a great way to sneak in your favorite treat without having to go door to door asking for it! All you’ll need is a rod or bar for you to tie strings to and some donuts. Make a competition of your activity and see who can eat the most mini donuts in a minute!

Watch a Movie

There’s nothing quite like lounging in your apartment while the whole world is bustling. If you’re more up for a quiet night in than attending a party, turn on your favorite Halloween flick, kick back, and relax for an evening perfect for anyone. Some great Halloween movies include Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family, any of the Harry Potter movies, Young Frankenstein, and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Have a Costume Contest Runway

If you’re getting some friends together for a Halloween party, encourage everyone to dress up to really embrace the holiday. Have some simple (or extravagant) prizes for the best costumes if you want. Even simply having a mini runway for everyone to display their costumes is a great way to show off the hard work or clever thought put into a Halloween look, helping everyone feel special.

What are your favorite games or activities to do this time of year? Let us know in the comments! Have a happy and safe Halloween, no matter how you decide to spend it!