How to Celebrate George Washington's Birthday

mount rushmore

Happy Presidents’ Day from Westminster Towers Blog! This year, we’re thinking about George Washington. At the end of the week, it will be the 287th year since he was born on February 22, 1732. Take a minute today, the 22nd, or any other day this month to honor our first president by trying the ideas we have for you! They’re easy to do in your apartment or anywhere else in Tacoma, WA.

Save a Few Bucks

You might see the face of good ol’ George every time you come across a wadded up dollar bill, but make sure to pay attention to how you spend the ones you earn. While he had the highest salary of any president at about 2% of the total U.S. budget, he had other sources of income as well, like the 60,000 acres he owned (much of it through the inheritance of his wife’s family) and his Virginia plantation, which covered 8,000 acres of farmland. Still, he apparently had to borrow money to make it to his own first inauguration! So learn from him and prioritize your savings!

Take Care of Your Teeth

While Washington gets a lot of attention for having wooden teeth, that’s actually not true. He did have dental problems most of his adult life, but the dentures he used to replace all his pearly whites were made from materials including bone, human teeth, hippopotamus ivory, lead, brass screws, and gold metal wire. We now understand how important dental hygiene is. Take advantage of all the advances in technology and dental care available to us. Tend to those chompers!

Take Care of Your Pet

George Washington bred hound dogs, who he treated like members of his family. Some of their names were Tartar, Truelove, and Sweet Lips. While you don’t have to go changing any of your furry friends’ names, you can celebrate the passion you share with the first president of our country by spending some quality time with your pet.

Go Dancing or Throw a Party

Washington was known as an energetic and excellent dancer, so throw a party in his honor! Put on some tunes and consider adding dancing or some other sort of social interaction along with any presidential party games you want to play.

What other ideas do you have for celebrating or learning more about this founding father? Let us know by leaving a comment. Have fun!