Indoor Sports for Colder Months

Woman playing squash

During the colder months, it can be difficult to get some exercise, especially if you’re not fond of going to the gym. Sports are a great way to get exercise, but due to the colder weather, you’ll be hard pressed to find people willing to play certain sports! In this week’s Westminster Towers Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions for indoor sports you can try out this November!



Though tennis can be played outside during the summer, you can also participate in this sport during the fall and winter by playing indoors. Look for some indoor courts here in the Tacoma, WA area and grab a friend to play with! All you’ll need is two rackets, some tennis balls, and a court to play on.



As an indoor team game, volleyball is perfect for the colder months! Usually played with six players on each team, volleyball is a fun way to play competitively or leisurely as well as get some exercise!



One of the most popular indoor sports, basketball is one of the easiest sports to play during the colder months. You are bound to find some people to play with at any gym with a basketball court. If you can’t find anyone to play with, you can just shoot around by yourself. All you need is a basketball and you can have a great time!



Much like tennis, squash is played with racquets and a ball. Players take turns hitting the ball against the playable sections of the wall. If a player is unable to return the ball, the opposing player gets a point. Obstructing the other player is against the rules and could count against you!


These sports are a good way to spend your time and get exercise! Do you have a favorite indoor sport? Let our apartment community know by leaving us a comment!