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Photo Crafts to Make this Year

a set of polaroid photos strung out on a line

If taking photos, not deleting them off your electronic device, and getting a “storage space is getting full” message from your device is one of your hobbies, this week’s Westminster Towers Blog is here to the rescue! Make use of your favorite photos by making these fun, classy crafts to display in your Tacoma, WA apartment this year.

Classic and Creative Framing

Printing out your photos and putting them in frames can be enough work for you if you don’t do it often, so drop by your favorite craft store and buy a few that help you achieve the look you want to incorporate in your home. One good way to do this is by buying a few frames of the same style or color so that you can have fun with the specific frames you put together. You can create a gallery wall by choosing frames that contrast with each other but still complement each other for a fun, exciting way to freshen up your wall.

Photo Books

You may have a few already printed out photos you’ve been meaning to put in a photo album but haven’t already gotten around to doing. Set aside some time this month to accomplish that task, or create a photo book out of your digital photos. Check out this blog for the blogger’s tips on the top five places to print photo books, complete with design, quality, and specific product information about each site.

Travel Crafts and Collages

Instead of throwing out your travel ticket stubs, overpriced maps, and itineraries, you can make a lovely travel craft with them and your favorite photos by getting a frame, cutting the map to fit the back, and pinning, taping, or gluing your pictures where you want them. Let your ticket stubs fill the bottom for a natural way to complete the look. You can also make a travel journal to inspire you for making future travel plans. 

We hope you have success and fun making these crafts this month and beyond. Thanks for reading!