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Summer Water Games

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It’s hot outside and you might need some water games to cool you off. This week, Westminster Towers Blog is here to share the rules with you to some of our favorites! Before the season is over, take an afternoon to try out these outdoor summer games near your Tacoma, WA apartment.


A variation of freeze tag, this game consists of one person being and remaining “it”. They swim after others, freezing them with a touch. Frozen players must remain immobile. However, if a player is underwater they cannot be tagged “it”, and if they swim past a frozen swimmer (otherwise known as a ‘Popsicle’) while underwater they unfreeze them. 

Pool Volleyball

Pool volleyball is great for a big group. Divide and spread out over the pool. If one team drops the ball or fails to return a volley, the other team gets a point. You can also just try to see how long you and your friends can keep the ball in the air.

Sponge Ball Toss

This is a great game to play with every age. You can make sponge balls at your home in just a few easy steps. You’ll need plain sponges (4 sponges per ball), scissors, and rubber bands. Cut the sponges into three strips (going the longer direction). Then, layer the strips with six on top of the other six. Lastly, wrap the strips together around the middle of the stack with a rubber band. Pull the strips to create a full star shape. You can use these sponges for dodgeball or simply to toss around with kids.

Water Balloon Relay

Fill up small water balloons and have fun with a water balloon relay. This game is perfect for a large group of people. Make two or more teams and create challenges. One challenge could be to swing a water balloon to your teammates with a towel or simply tossing the balloons to a team member across from you. Have a team member at the end of the relay with a basket on their heads to fill up with water balloons. After a certain period of time, whoever has the most balloons in their basket, wins.


What are your favorite water games? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!