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Things to Be Grateful For This Month

a thank you card

Welcome to November from Westminster Towers Blog! As you go about your days this month in your Tacoma, WA apartment or elsewhere, we invite you to reflect on some of the things you are grateful for. Consider ways you can express your gratitude for the following aspects of your life: 


Life is a matter of what you make of it, so recognize all the small or big things in your life that bring you personal fulfillment this month. Whether that’s a hobby or skill you have or even your passion for the beauties that surround you, these things matter to you, so that makes them significant! Work on cultivating your talents this month to make the most of this appreciation.


There’s immense benefit that comes from having a support system of people you love and trust. You can even benefit from positive, casual relationships you have with people you work with or occasionally see. Think of your favorite things about specific people or meaningful relationships you have with others and find ways to express these thoughts to these people this month. A simple card, note, text, email, or even a verbal “thank you” can make a big difference in your own life and in the other person’s life as well.

Your Favorite Food

You don’t have to consider yourself a foodie or a chef to love food. Write about, buy, or make your favorite dish and enjoy each bite. Pay attention to how every aspect of it combines to make it something special that you love. Share it with someone to spread the gratitude and love!

Basic Necessities

Especially in the world’s current climate, in which natural disasters are common and so many people are without the resources they need to live or flourish as they once have, having a home and access to other basic necessities is a definite blessing. Your beautiful apartment is a place you can feel welcomed and valued. Invite a friend or family member over for some bonding time, or look for ways you can help the less fortunate by donating to a cause for relief efforts or volunteering at a shelter near you.

Thanks for reading! Have a great month.