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Tips for Wrapping Holiday Gifts

a variety of wrapped gifts

It’s December, so chances are you will be celebrating a holiday this month that calls for gifts. Once you have your holiday shopping completed, there is still the task of wrapping up the gifts. Today, Westminster Towers Blog brings you some tips to make a molehill out of a mountain of gifts — and have fun in the process. So head out to your favorite Tacoma, WA discount store for tape, gift tags, and an extra roll of wrapping paper, and then get started with these tips.

Sort and Package 

If your gift isn’t already in a square or rectangular box, put it in one (or designate it for a gift bag rather than wrapping paper); it is much easier and faster to wrap boxes than it is to wrap squishy or odd-shaped items. Sort your gifts by size, and wrap the bigger items first, as they will take up more paper. Then you can use the leftover pieces for smaller gifts.

Set Up a Wrapping Station 

Decide where you are going to wrap. An area with a flat surface such as a table or countertop works best. It is much easier to cut paper on a flat surface where you can use a straight edge than on a bed, for example.  Gather up your supplies so they are all in one place. A big, clear plastic tote works well for this purpose. You will want to include scissors, tape, curling ribbon, bows, raffia, gift boxes, sharpies, metallic pens, gift tags (or pre-printed labels), tissue paper, gift bags, and a variety of wrapping paper.

Make It a Party 

Invite a couple of friends over and make it a wrapping party. Many hands make light work, and the time will fly by while you laugh and chat. If friends can’t make it over, make it a party just for you. Pop in your favorite holiday movie or put on your holiday music playlist, and by the end of an evening or two, you’ll have it all wrapped up and be ready for the holidays.

What are your favorite gift wrapping tips? Please share in the comments so we can all take advantage of your expertise. Happy holidays to everyone in our apartment community, and thanks for reading today’s post!