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Where to Get Ice Cream This Summer

someone holding an ice cream cone

Do you have a favorite summertime treat? While you might love freezer pops or shaved ice, another obvious choice is some good old fashioned ice cream. It’s tried and true, and new flavors continue to keep it interesting. This week on Westminster Towers Blog, we’re here to highlight some of our favorite ice cream shop right here in the Puyallup, WA area! The next time you’re craving something sweet, leave your apartment and try out one of the following:

Main Street Dairy Freeze

What a better way to eat a delicious cold treat than to add a bit of nostalgia into the mix? At Main Street Dairy Freeze, get the whole experience of a retro ice cream parlor by enjoying a delicious array of treats in a classic-looking location. If you’re hungry, you can even order a burger before your dessert! From hot fudge sundaes to milkshakes to ice cream cones, there is something for everyone here.

Elements Frozen Yogurt

Looking for something different than your classic ice cream cone? Try out a bowl of frozen yogurt at Elements! Similar to other self-serve froyo shops, Elements lets you mix and match any mixture of flavors and toppings you would like. If you haven’t tried mochi, we suggest you add that to your yogurt! For those looking for something with a little less added sugar, they also offer freshly made juice and acai bowls, which are equally as delicious.

Olympic Mountain Ice Cream

Sometimes, you need to take a more economical route and buy a pint of ice cream from the store. If that’s the case, don’t worry! You don’t have to miss out on quality. Olympic Mountain Ice Cream is a delicious alternative to going out for ice cream. With over 100 flavors of ice cream, as well as over 50 flavors of sorbet, you’ll get the variety you want at a price you’ll love. Whether you decide to pick a pint to share or you choose to turn your own pint into multiple desserts throughout the week, Olympic Mountain won’t disappoint.


Where do you love to get ice cream? Leave a comment below!